1'000 Executive MBA alumni !

Kemal Sikirić, Partner at Ascendant received his MBA degree from IMD on June 10th 2016 in Lausanne Switzerland

Last week IMD graduated a new class of Executive MBAs after a life-changing journey through global business, travels around the world and intense moments of crisis preparation.

The ceremony took place at the Hotel Royal Savoy in Lausanne, Switzerland, and was officiated by IMD Professor Stefan Michel, director of the EMBA program.

Ascendant is proud that our team has yet another member that has successfully finished his postgraduate studies while working full time on development of the M&A scene in the region of the Southeast Europe.

Kemal’s comment after receiving the diploma:

“I am honoured and proud to receive my MBA from one of the best business schools in the World. I am also very privileged to have had the opportunity to get to know and become friends with the most amazing Group of people in my classmates!”

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