12th Annual International Conference on real estate development

12th Annual International Conference on real estate development, organized by Filipović Business Advisory Ltd was held on the 20th and 21st of April 2016, at the Regent Esplanade hotel in Zagreb.

More than 90 speakers held the presentations on 18 interesting panels, whereas the overall number of attendees was exceeding 430. Participants were the owners, presidents and board members, directors and top managers of companies participating in the commercial real estate market and commercial property development projects. Bankers, lawyers, architects, contractors, users of commercial real estate, consultants and many others also attended the conference.

Among the panelists was Mrs. Maša Aganović, Senior Associate in ASCENDANT Project Finance who participated in the panel on hospitality: "HOSPITALITY - Demystifying Operating Models", as well as on the state of regional real estate development "NEW INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN THE REGION" - Status and Opportunities in regional cooperation.

See more details about the conference on the link below:

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