The invitation to participate in the seminar "How to increase the value of companies"

Foreign trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) on the April 27th 2016 are organizing a seminar on "How to increase the value of the company."

The seminar should provide answers to the following questions:
• What are the motivating factors for purchase and sale of the company
• What are the basis for making the decision
• How does the market of potential buyers look like
• What are the steps in the process
• What makes the value of the company
• The methodology of valuation - Theory and Practice
• How to increase the value of the company in a long run

This seminar is intended for managers and owners, in the framework of the program "Support to the competitiveness of small and medium size enterprises", financed by the EU and implemented by EBRD. The program will support more than 130 small and medium size enterprises in BiH, through consulting projects relying on the expertise of the international and local consultants. In addition, the program will expand best practices through events and activities to raise awareness, as defined in the Act of SMEs, combined with training for the local consultants, entrepreneurs and managers.

Speakers at the seminar are Zihnija Hasović, Principal Manager, EBRD ASB and Kemal Sikirić, partner at advisory firm Ascendant Capital Advisors.

If you are interested in attending this seminar, the completed application form must be submitted by e-mail: or by fax: +387 33 566 205.

The seminar is free for all participants.

The deadline for applications is the April 25th 2016.

.Next lecture on this subject will be held in mid-May in Banja Luka, and further information, program and registration form for the lectures can be viewed at the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the link below:

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